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Moldova Camps a Huge Success!

Many of the teens and children accepted Christ as their Savior at these camps. Thank you for your prayers and gifts to help make this happen!

Please pray for Chip and Jon as they go into the villages to follow up on these kids and start bible studies and discipleship with them. Pray their families will hear the gospel and repent and accept Christ's free gift of salvation!

Here is a link to a Taekwondo Video the kids did at camp. It is housed securely on ConnecTree's YouTube Channel and only those who receive this link can watch it.

Moldavian kids singing praises to the Lord

Teens responding to the gospel - be praying for them as their youth leaders follow up and disciple them and teach them the Word!


Chip and Jon will be hosting a week long Day Camp in several villages next week for the kids who couldn't come to camp. Pray for them to reach many children, for protection from persecution from the village priests and leaders (they are Orthodox and are against Evangelical Christianity) and for many parents to be supportive and hear and receive the gospel!

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