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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Isabel needed to pay for some medical tests and a doctor visit this month. Her husband, Fernando, had set aside the last of their money, hoping it would be enough to pay these bills. To their amazement God provided by cutting the medical bill in half and the doctor gave Isabel a hug after the appointment, said “Merry Christmas” AND waived his fee-leaving them with $100.

The next day they were re-visiting a lady named Emma they had met recently on an outreach and found out she had been diagnosed with uterine cancer but didn’t have the money for follow up tests and treatment. Isabel felt led by the Lord to give the $100 they had saved to this woman to help with her medical bills, trusting the Lord to provide for their own needs.

That same day Cheryl was writing a check to Fernando & Isabel for their monthly ministry support and felt led to double the normal amount CT gives which was $100 extra, not knowing that this was the exact amount that they were short in their budget!

When we told them we were sending extra, they shared this story with us and we rejoiced together in God’s goodness! It’s amazing how God provides when we trust Him with the money He gives us!

This is one of many examples of how the Lord has allowed YOU through ConnecTree to minister to Missionaries & their communities all over the world this year. Look at all we’ve been able to do together!

Mexico: Fernando, Isabel and Feli

· Pastors Domingo & Emidio in Chiapas - provided for medical expenses

· Helped Fernando see his brother before he died & travel expenses for the funeral

· Helped Feli with funds for her sabbatical (first one in 11 years!) & visit to family

· Chiapas summer missions trip funding for Feli & Keila

· Provided funding for a walker for a child with cerebral palsy.

· Gave $1000 special #givingtuesday gift!

Moldova: Chip & Connie

· Summer Camps

· Trained and sent a summer missions team

· Gave $1000 special #givingtuesday gift!

· Christmas Public School Outreach

Germany: Cynthia H.

· Provided funding during her sabbatical in the States and to help her return to Germany

· Gave $1000 special #givingtuesday gift!

Other Missionaries and Outreaches:

· Costa Rica: Biola missions trip – Joylin J. (in January 2020)

· Dominican Republic: New Tribes missions trip – Nikki D. (Summer 2019)

· Holland: Youth Ministries – Henri M.

· Guatemala: One Way missions trip – Monique K.

· Russia: Encouragement International - Ron & Mary M.

· Colorado: One Challenge Ministry Travel Expenses – Doug & Dawn L. (Missionary Security in persecuted areas)

· Canada: Ministry expenses – OM Edmonton Leaders, David & Wendy K.

Ministry Updates

Moldova – Glen and Sherry Hall returned to Moldova this summer and revisited families & social workers we met with in 2018 and taught English and Bible classes to the kids in the villages. They also spent time with Chip, his wife Connie & their son Rafael. The Lord used them to share the gospel and encourage Chip and his family.

With your help, CT was able to send $1,600 to help Chip with his Christmas Public School outreach coming up in a few weeks. They will sing carols and share the gospel with over 300 public school children, the teaching staff and parents!! Please pray!

Chiapas, Mexico – This summer, Feli and her niece, Keila went to Chiapas for 10 days bringing medical supplies, food and clothing with them to minister to the persecuted believers there. It was a great time of fellowship, and they got to share the gospel with nearby children and their parents.

Mexico City – Fernando, Isabel, Feli and some extended family members led several outreaches in Mexico City and surrounding areas this Fall. They also visited a children’s cancer ward and brought gifts, made meals for the families and shared the gospel with the children, staff and parents at the hospital. Several families got saved!

They also did a lot of street evangelism and the ladies in the picture below also gave their lives to Christ!!

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday – was a huge success. Thank you to all who gave generously to meet the needs of Fernando, Isabel & Feli in Mexico, Chip & Connie in Moldova and Cynthia in Germany. Our goal was to raise $3,000 so we could give each missionary a gift of $1,000 each. Praise God we reached that goal with your generous help! It was a joy to write them all checks for that amount for use in their ministries.

ConnecTree Update

Great news! The Lord has led me (Cheryl) to begin working for ConnecTree full time! I am currently volunteering, and am raising my monthly support to be a missionary with ConnecTree. I am thrilled to finally be doing this ministry full time!

I am praying for a team of supporters who would give monthly to help me be able to do this work full time. Would you prayerfully consider joining my monthly support team? Together we can reach countless people with the Gospel and transform lives for eternity by taking care of and supporting those who are giving their lives in countries all over the world!

I would love to meet with you personally or via a video call to explain more and answer any questions you may have. I will be reaching out to you soon, but please feel free to give me a call or email and let’s plan a time to get together! (my contact info is below.) If you are ready to give now, please go to and click on the donate button.

Dawn is doing well. She is still working at Victor Elementary School District and doing ConnecTree part time. We are hoping & praying that she can join ConnecTree full time in a couple of years.

End of the Year Gifts – If you are interested in giving a one-time gift to support the work of ConnecTree, you can give at All gifts are tax deductible!

A couple of Prayer Requests & Praises

· Praising the Lord for all the missionaries we had the privilege of helping this year.

· Pray for all those listed above for grace and power in their ministries and health for them all.

· Praise the Lord for a successful Giving Tuesday Campaign and the blessing of giving $1,000 to three very hard working & under-supported missionaries!

· Pray for the Public School Christmas outreach in Moldova happening between Christmas and the first week of January.

· Pray for Joylin’s Costa Rica missions trip happening the first two weeks of January.

· Praise for the blessing of me (Cheryl) getting to work for ConnecTree full time.

· Pray for all my monthly support to be raised and for provision in the meantime!

We appreciate you so much! You are caring for missionaries and sharing the gospel all around the world through ConnecTree. You are awesome!!

We are in the process of updating our website, but you can go there for more information about what we do, who we work with and how you can be involved! There are also lots of great ministry pictures there to enjoy!

Have a wonderful time celebrating Jesus’ birth this Christmas! We love you!

Cheryl Markowitz & Dawn Hamrick

· Cheryl: 760-964-2430 ~

· Dawn: 760-964-2443 ~

· Connectree, 12685 Pocono Road, Apple Valley, CA 92308

All donations to ConnecTree are tax deductible.

Thanks for reading!

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