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Moldova and Mexico Update

Political Unrest between Russia and Ukraine

There is rising tension between Russia and Ukraine. You can see on the map that Moldova and Ukraine share a border. This is concerning for our missionary there, as unrest in their neighbors' borders could have implications on daily life and ministry in Moldova.

A section of Moldova, called Transnistria, sandwiched between Moldova's capital and the border of Ukraine, is actually Russian backed, which could make Moldova as a whole an easy target for Russia to take over along with Ukraine, should something flare up.

Please pray for peace in that part of the world and that Russia would back down from its aggression towards these countries. Pray that our missionary and his family would be safe and use this unrest as an opportunity to share the gospel with those who are fearful.


March 22-26, 2022

The date has been set and pastors and church leaders will be traveling to Ocosingo in Chiapas, Mexico to be trained by Fernando and a team of pastors from Missouri.

The goal is to educate, train and enable leaders of the Persecuted church down there to share the gospel in a very hostile environment.

The pastors and leaders and our dear brothers and sisters face much resistance to the gospel and need training and encouragement for the daily task of reaching out to those who persecute them.

We need to bathe this training in prayer!

Please pray for:

  1. Safe travel for the Missouri & Mexico City teams that will travel to Chiapas.

  2. A week filled with deep worship and fellowship for the pastors as they gather together.

  3. They would gain helpful evangelism tools and would be emboldened to share the gospel in the midst of scary persecution.

  4. Protection while they are meeting together. And protection for their wives and children who are left behind in their villages.

Two of our women missionaries from Mexico, Isabel & Feli, would like to go to the training to help cook and take care of the pastors during the training. A generous donor has given $200 to help meet this need and we still need $150 to be able to cover their travel costs.

Also, Tomasina, the woman who has been & is still being persecuted for her faith by her village, needs financial help. She has asked for help and we would like to send $150 to her to help with her expenses. Below is a picture of her with her husband and one of her children. She is allowed to live in the village again, but is still being persecuted for sharing her love of Jesus with those in the village.

Please pray for Tomasina to be strong in her faith and for her village to come to know Jesus!

Tomasina and her family with Pastor Jaime in Chiapas.

Fernando, his wife Isabel and Isa's sister Feli - missionaries in Mexico

Thank you for your prayers and generous support to help these national missionaries fulfill the calling God has for them in Moldova and the jungles of Chiapas! We can't wait to hear their report and look forward to sharing it with you!

In God's Grace,

Cheryl & Dawn For ConnecTree

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