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Mexico Ministry Update

During last year and with the Covid 19 pandemic we have been able to give out food packages to many poor and needy families who are suffering because the lack of jobs and food. God has allowed us to help families that we are sharing the gospel with and discipling.

Thanks to the help of brothers and sisters from Europe, Missouri, Texas, California and Mexico, many families have been blessed with all these food packages in Mexico City and Ocosingo, Chiapas, where the believers are persecuted for their faith in Jesus. They are not dismayed and continue to follow Christ, by God's grace.

We give thanks to God for the life of sister Tomasina who is a very brave lady to whom her community have been rejectingher because of her faith in Jesus, she was imprisoned and ejected from her village, she spent some weeks with her brethren in a different community and then shereturned to her village once the people was calm and the anger had passed. the leader at the community cut all government financial help to her, she told us that the people in the community don´t want to talk with her, but she believes that soon others will follow Christ with her, and that God has put in her heart to start sharing the gospel with his community members, she wants to build a temple to worship God in her community with the new believers.

1. Tomasina 2. The cell she was kept in 3. Widow of Pastor Domingo

The lady with the food package is sister Antonia, Pr. Domingo´s widow who was also blessed with food supplies and offerings that were collected by ConnecTree to help cover her expenses for his funeral and his missing income for their family.

We give thanks to God as we continue helping the families at La Laguna del Toro here in Mexico City, where there are poor families that come from other poor states in the country. They come here to try to find a job because in their cities they were so poor. Thank God for all those mother’s and children who now follow Jesus. They are so grateful that our friends were able to help them during this time of pandemic to have some food packages for their children and families, thank God more of mothers accepted Jesus as their Savior and we are so glad the children are doing so well in the Bible classes via Whatsapp, may God continue to use us to bring good news and the Word of God to the families. Thanks to all of you that help with the food packages. God bless you all!

We thank God for all the literature that is going out during this time, we continue to distribute the Gospel of John in this time of Pandemic. Brothers from Veracruz, the port where the ships usually come, have distributed the booklet to people there and many were interested in reading it. Others have prayed to receive Jesus in their hearts. People are looking for Hope in the midst of the pandemic, while they wait outside the hospitals for news of their relatives who are fighting for their lives inside the hospitals against C19.

One day my niece called me and ask me if I could pray for her friends parents who were infected with C19. I told her of course I can. She did the link with her parents on her mobile, and I was able to pray with them to receive Jesus in their hearts and pray for healing for them. Thank God they are feeling better every day! May God continue to help this precious couple and their daughter too. She is exhausted because she is alone helping both of her parents, as you know this illness affects severely the lungs and people need oxygen to survive, may God continue to help them to recover totally from this, their daughter said: "I have no words how to thank you for all your prayers and that you care about us so much, God bless you all." In the midst of all this we give thanks to God that they accepted Jesus in their hearts.

Many are hearing during this time of great need that Jesus loves them, and they open their hearts to God. We continue praying for so many families who have relatives fighting against C19. May God have mercy on all humanity and end this pandemic soon. We continue trusting the Lord and His protection to continue proclaiming Jesus as Savior and Lord. We give thanks to God for all of you that have given through ConnecTree to help us continue in the ministry. We love you, and you are an important part of us, and our ministry. May the Gospel continue to reach many during this time.

Prayer request:

  • Pray that the border with Texas may open soon to continue bringing the literature to give away.

  • May God continue to provide finances to get food packages for the families in Chiapas and La Laguna del Toro, Paraiso here in Mexico City.

  • May God continue to provide for our personal support. God has been faithful to us.

  • We want to continue to be His instruments in His hands to motivate the ones that are sick with C19.

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