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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

ConnecTree 2022 Update & News!


I wanted to give you a quick update on our End of the Year Fundraising Campaign. We were prayerfully shooting for $30,000 to fund our 3 M's ~ Moldova, Missions Trips and Ministry Project Fund. Although we didn't hit that goal, we do believe that God gave us what we need at this time. God provided, through your generous and faithful gifts, just over $8,100!

This provided for our Moldova Christmas outreach, which was a huge success!

The rest will go toward our Ministry Project Fund. We are still in the planning stages of our Missions Trips for this year and will trust God to provide what is needed for those when we need it!!

Chip's Christmas Report:

Dear friends and supporters of my ministry:

With God’s help and your financial support, I could organize the Christmas outreach in several villages for children and teenagers. This year was easier to visit places and people. The children and parents were more open for the Gospel and I felt happy that the Gospel can be shared during Covid times. We had a martial arts exam and used it to invite people and celebrate together the Christmas and share the message with them about the real meaning of it.

Thank you again for your generosity and all the donations. It is helpful for the ministry and for our personal support. May God bless you all for helping us to share the Word of God and enlarge God’s Kingdom.

Chip and his family as they were getting ready to deliver gifts!


1. We have developed a 4 Week Evangelism Training Course that we will be teaching at Redeemer Church in Apple Valley starting Jan. 16th! This will be a resource we can offer to other churches. Please pray for us as we teach it and for those who are taking the training to put it to good use in sharing the gospel with those around them.

2. We are planning several missions trips to happen through-out the year. Of course, these are subject to Covid rules in the countries we are planning to work in. Please pray for wisdom as we plan, put together & train teams, raise funds & work with our missionaries to help spread the gospel.

3. We are expanding our Missionary Advocacy Programand plan to offer it to churches to help them connect and care for their missionaries in a holistic manner so missionaries can thrive and be ministry and vision driven and well prayed for and supported.

4. We are excited to bring Dawn Hamrick on as a full time, supported missionary with ConnecTree this summer! She has started raising her monthly financial support and hopes to be fully funded by July, 2022. If you'd like to join her monthly support team, you can go to and sign up to be a monthly recurring donor. Designate your gift to: "Support For Dawn Hamrick."

If you'd like more information about supporting her and/or what her ministry looks like here at ConnecTree, please contact her at or 760-964-2443. She would love to talk with you!


Our missionary friend, Doug L. has contracted Covid. He is a double lung transplant survivor and is at high risk. He has a vital role in the missions world helping workers bring the gospel to the least reached in resistant and hostile countries. I am including his email below for your prayerful review and consideration of his needs. If you'd like to give to help him with his medical bills, you can go to and designate your gift to the "Doug L. Medical Fund."

From Doug - In my life-long effort to be relevant to the culture around me, it seems I’ve adopted a local bug named SARS Cov-2. AKA Covid-19. At this point it feels like a chest cold. Getting a little dizzy and foggy. Because I’m medically immune suppressed, my transplant team is taking it seriously. As I’m accustomed to entrusting my life to them, I’ll follow their treatment plan.

While we’d experienced a season of greater social freedom through the summer and Fall, due to the recent, more contagious strain of the virus, we’d recently pulled back into relative seclusion. Doing all ministry virtually. It’s great- though a bit puzzling- to be confident that I wasn’t in close proximity to anyone outside the family in the past week. Must have gotten it in the much less likely, masked, hardware store encounter. Thanks for joining us in thanksgiving and prayer. Thankful we’ve been spared getting it throughout the past two years, that this strain is likely less virulent than earlier ones, and that treatment has made some advances by now. Praying Dawn and Rachel don’t get it. Your partners in His Global Harvest, Doug, Dawn, and Rachel PS: As it’s the beginning of a new insurance year, our first $14,000 in medical expenses will be out-of-pocket. As we don’t have that much in-pocket, also pray that need be met.

We sure do appreciate...

...your love, prayers, participation and support for what God is doing through ConnecTree ~ helping missionaries do the work God has called them to do and sharing the gospel all over the world!

May God's Grace & Truth be your constant joy & guide this year!

Cheryl & Dawn For ConnecTree

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