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A Country At War!

Many of you have reached out asking about Chip in Moldova and how they are doing now that Russia has invaded Ukraine.

We just did a Zoom call with our missionary in Moldova and they are very nervous and scared about what is happening in Ukraine. The border is less than 100 miles away from where theylives.

The shelves in stores are bare in Moldova as a run for supplies has begun. Gas prices have skyrocketed and the lines are long to get gas.

Their family has everything they need at the moment, but that could change in an instant.

I mentioned the region of Transnistria in Moldova, which is on the border of the Ukraine in my last update. Transnistria is just 40 minutes from their home in Chisinau. Russian forces occupy Transnistria and they said that the Russians have plans for a "military exercise" this weekend in Transnistria. That could mean they use those troops to go into Ukraine from the West or they could use them to take over Moldova.

Please be praying for wisdom for our missionary, his family and friends as they are hoping Russia will leave Moldova alone, but are preparing to potentially leave the country if need be.

Please pray for Ukraine, that they would be spared loss of life and their cities won't be demolished. Pray that Russia would back down under the weight of international outrage and sanctions.

Pray that Russia would not invade Moldova or Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia and that our missioanry, his family and friends would be safe. Pray they would use this scary time as an opportunity to share the gospel with those who are fearful. Pray for grace, comfort, peace and courage for them in this very scary time.

In God's Grace,

Cheryl For ConnecTree

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