Some of our awesome team moments...

Moldova - June-July, 2018
In June and July of 2018, we took a team to work with a mission pastor in Chisinau, Moldova to assist him in his church planting efforts through Taekwondo classes, bible teaching, English classes and a family seminar.  We had opportunities to share the gospel and our testimonies with people in some of the rural villages just outside of the capital city. We were also able to raise funds for winter relief and outreaches that will come in handy in the coming cold months.
Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. Many teens leave in hopes of finding a better life, only to be trapped into human trafficking situations or a life of prostitution. Many parents are migrating to other parts of Europe and Russia to find jobs, leaving their children behind in impoverished situations.People are largely disenchanted with the Orthodox church that dominates the religious landscape in Moldova, and are ripe for the message of grace and hope that is found in Christ.  We were excited to join our mission pastor there in the amazing work God is doing through his ministry!    Click here see more information about this country and how you can be praying for them.
Mexico - December, 2017 Chiapas



In December of 2017 a group of 4 of us traveled to Mexico City to join 6 Mexican missionaries to travel to Chiapas, Mexico to work once again with Pastor Jaime among the persecuted believers that he ministers to.  Please see below for more detailed information about his work.  We were blessed to visit 5 communities, see the construction supplies our team sent funds for put to good use in helping to rebuild after the September, 2017 8.2 earthquake and hurricane Katya.  We also brought blankets, clothing and food supplies for all of the families.  The work continues there and they need all the prayer and support they can get!

Mexico - December, 2015 - Puebla and Chiapas



In December of 2015, we traveled with a team to join 3 Mexican national mission workers who reach out to indigenous people in southern Mexico.  Fernando and Isabel Garcia work among indigenous groups in Puebla doing evangelistic meetings and coming alongside local pastors to help with outreach and discipleship.  Isabel's sister Feli Cisneros works with a mission pastor in Chiapas, Mexico reaching out to groups of persecuted Christians who have been ostracized for their refusal to renounce their faith in Christ and return to their tribal religions.  Voice of the Martyrs considers this location to be hostile to Christians.  Our team had the opportunity to travel to Chiapas with Fernando, Isabel and Feli and to work with Pastor Jaime bringing food, clothing, blankets, building materials and encouragement from fellow believers from Mexico and the US, something these folks get very little of.  We were told repeatedly how much our willingness to leave our homes and families at Christmastime to spend time with them encouraged their hearts.  We heard stories of tragedy, faith, courage and endurance, and above all we got to rejoice in God's love for His people together.  We pray they will continue in their faith, and we look forward to future opportunities in Mexico.

France - July, 2014 - Chevry Cossigny



In July of 2014 we took a team of 4 to work with Doug and Krista Livie, workers with World Venture, in their village in  Chevry Cossigny, France.  Doug pastors a small but growing church, and he and Krista coordinate an annual summer English camp, in conjunction with the local community English association.  We taught English to youth in the afternoons, and adults in the evenings.  We had the privilege of staying in the homes of some people in the village, really getting to experience the French way of life first-hand.  Our hosts, and the English association treated us to some amazing visits to some historical French sites, sharing their culture and history with us.  It really was an amazing cultural exchange.  We also got to experience the fellowship of the Livies' church that they are leading in their home.  They have recently acquired a building and are starting to meet there, reaching out to the community.

Now Germany - June, 2014 - Radeberg, Germany



In June of 2014 we took a team of 8 ladies to minister with Cynthia Heflebower of Now Germany. We worked with women from the local churches doing some in-reach with encouragement from the Word of God, object lessons, worship through music and crafts.  We visited Cynthia's various youth groups and fellowshiped with them.  We helped a local Christian bookstore renovate a space to host a coffee shop and "rest stop" for people attending the annual Radeberg festival as an outreach.  During the festival our worship team sang out front and handed out literature, and others sat inside on the rainy, chilly day drinking tea and coffee and talking with members of the community.  It was a blessed time of fellowship with members of the local churches, and new connections were made in the community for future ministry.  We also had a great time seeing how Cynthia has integrated into the fabric of Radeberg and the deep relationships she has with people there.


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